The secret and value of our life

138) Some in our world will still put in question the meaning of life. They will do so because they see with their very own eyes that we all will die one day. Everyone around them vanishes, sometimes even their own children before their own time has come. Life doesn't make sense at all for them, and a world of life has no meaning therefore. It makes no sense, they argue, to waste our time on such mysticism. Let's make fun because once we're gone, then we will be gone and dead for good with no afterlife at all. There is no other world than just this one. And there sits them just the fault they are making because they by thinking as such do have started to belief in the world of dead, and will obey its cruelty, even by way of 'religiously' believing into that arguing, just like others before them went ahead with this. We just have to take a look at the history of the ancient Greeks for instance, or numerous other well documented histories of multi-god religious cultures. But for them, the anti-god personalities, gods like the moon, the sun, the stars, animals, people and so on, even G-d, are one after the other just only gods of fear in their mind, gods that entered man's society out of the desire for having ultimate power that in their view could only become achieved by pushing fear into people's mind, even curtailing a person's freedom. These people for them do not belief out of love for life, but out of fear for that what kills. And thus they themselves start to kill, even create divisions amongst nations, so to eliminate everything that and everyone who reminds them on this fear, this unjustified fear by the way! We therefore can conclude thus that the world of dead so to speak creates their own beliefs and religious convictions as well as thus imprisonment of all sorts. They without realizing it are really people who do belief without doubt because they do belief in a no-gods and G-d world out of fear for it. And that must tell us something. But the world of life on the other hand truly brings us a real and rich life full of opportunities and possibilities to uplift our life, to make it even better for everyone. G-d's world creates life, and beliefs that we will live. Yes, people in such a belief do say that they will die too within their natural perception, but will keep on living spiritually. They don't just look to the surface of something or someone. They look beyond it. They look into the depth of all the beautiful things everywhere around them and learn about its way of life, its natural way as well as its spiritual way. They learn to understand how nature works by looking beyond that what we do not understand. They acquire the ability to search within the depth of themselves for the answer, and as such do come closer to the secret of the value of life itself. They learn to appreciate life and how to care for it so that it and we as a human being will preserve our existence by believing in the One who has created us all through the creation of our soul, our soul that doesn't die at all. That's our real life. That's who we really are. And that's our Torah wherein we live our life if we just would start to stop fearing what shouldn't be feared at all because G-d is not fear. He is love, compassion, a father who knows how to help us, but also knows when to be strict. Yes, a friend who knows what the meaning of being a friend really means. And all His actions, wishes, and desires, even the covenant with His chosen people, the Hebrew/Jewish nation, has its reasons for the good of the world entire, for the good of everything that lives, and will keep on living everlasting.

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