The Yerushalayim burning bush

140) Within the world who beliefs truly in G-d there is the human being who has come to realize that s/he is not just merely a body alone. The human being knows, or rather has learnt through time that s/he has been gifted with the most precious gift of all gifts a man could have been given, namely a soul. This soul on its turn taught man that he is more than just a creature of nature, as how man saw it through his eyes only till then. He became aware of something more profound, something that did put him above the natural world he lived in. Sure he knew that he had the power to kill so to feed his family, but this power he had come to learn about wasn't the same as before because it somehow brought him to the point of learning to respect nature as a whole, as a part of himself without he could not live, but would surely die if it wasn't there anymore. The meaning of survival begot an entirely different perception, even dimension. It was as if it came from another world. And it did so in a certain way based on man's ability to understand things in those times. Yes, when his excellence to survive was seen before as a way to feed to the point that a certain species would become extinct, then now it became a matter of keeping the species alive and prosperous as well for he realized that his life was and will always be entirely connected to the well being of a prosperous nature all around him. Only that would enrich his own life, and that of his entire family, even all of humankind eventually. The hunter became a farmer of the land. He became a farmer of nature. There was thus an urgent need to bring balance, to bring the entire world into a peace with itself. But for that to become materialized it became of utmost urgency for man to regain his freedom first, the freedom above all of his soul so that his mind would become fully enlightened by this immense gift he always had, but was never aware of till that moment he saw the light burning, the same as Moshe saw the burning bush wherewith to help man to achieve a higher level, even the highest of all spiritual levels, because the world of man had still a lot to learn, even the one of the Noahides, above all the gentile world thus. True, our world can have many views, and many interpretations do float around in it about G-d's word, even within the Jewish world itself, but one thing remains the same, and that is that man cannot survive without nature, without the commandment to love G-d with our entire body, mind and soul. Yes, to love him within a complete unity between the natural and the spiritual world. Once this would just happen within the entire Judaic world, then we will have a burning fire never seen before from the below all the way to the above from within Yerushalayim, an immense light to enlighten the nations with, a light, a fire that everyone will see and witness throughout the entire world, but not to be mistaken with a real fire, even not a nuclear one.

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