The mice and the mammoth

141) Knowing our body, even our physical capabilities is being aware of how it works and what we can achieve with it when being confronted with different situations related to whatever what happens all around us in our world. That's the basic knowledge we always need to remember when we aspire to live a life as a human being, one who wants to give his/her life just that tiny bit of flavor by connecting it to the world of the soul, connecting the below and above together as one, the same as G-d is One. All other thoughts do become irrelevant when we try to keep that tiny Davidoan inspirational thinking against whatever Goliath aspirations our physical nature would try to lure us into. Yeah, no matter how tiny a mice's world may seem against the one of a mammoth, we know that the latter doesn't like mice very much. This knowledge should already give us more than enough strength to restrain ourselves from indecent behavior, actions we may later start to regret to have taken for the rest of our life, whether it were ones against our own self, or against life in general. It will help us to contain the temptations of the body when it behaves, or wants to behave as if it doesn't know a thing about the existence of another world, a world beyond its reach within the logic of its own nature. In short, we could even state that a life only based on its natural concept is one that will only be able to worship a culture of dead while refusing to look beyond the reality of what it sees with its eyes only. If it sticks to it, then there is no way that it will soon open up its eyes, but just keep them closed for it wants to keep itself asleep to never wake-up out of its stubborn behavior. Such a world will neither be afraid of killing/murdering others, even resorting to suicidal actions, as it worship gods without value, without depth, ones that cannot teach them in how to uplift their state above the natural concept of their nature within body and thoughts of their mind. If such a world would succeed in acquiring the know-how of building the most deadly weapons it can put its hand onto, then the entire world of man will be doomed, but by an ordeal, a punishment it will have caused itself to be given due to the state it would have, or has started to live in. This would be a world that will without feeling any remorse at all justify its actions taken as a Goliath, the same path the Roman Empire once took, even the Greek one, not to mention the Nazi Reich as well, or a more recent one that tries to get foot on the ground, yes to get permission to finish, to put to an end the world of Adom once and for good, the one that is viewed by the other as the cause of all troubles, the mice wherefore it needs to garner the courage and the support to successfully trample them all to dead. Only, if it could just be able to look down, to see, to open its eyes, then it would witness a reality wherewith it could uplift itself and know that it shouldn't have fear at all of what it feared all that time, as the mice have always been for the good of its own world as well. Once it would be gone for good, then man will feel alone again once more with no help, no Chava (=Eve), and eventually succumb to its wounds once and for good as well.

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