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144) Whatever you do when you go for a job interview, then the most important matter of all matters in this is being yourself. Don't try to be someone else, no matter how tempting it can be for all kind of reasons or false assumptions. It won't at the end make you the happiest person of all, and ultimately will put you into a situation whereas you want to change job because you feel that it's not what you expected it to be. True, every job has its own specialties, and you have to like them, to stand behind them if you ever will want to go for it with all the energy you have in your sleeves so to succeed in being the guy/woman they will be proud of, even when you would be falling once in a while, would be going through a bad patch for reasons beyond your control, sometimes perhaps even caused due to bad management. But you can only succeed in this when you stay the very person you are, and you will at the same time help others because when everyone would start to act in such a humane way, then no valuable job places will be taken by those who don't like the job, which means that they will really only be taken by them who will stay, and this is very good for every business at the end, even financially. True, sometimes there can be no choice, especially when people are pushed, are forced to take whatever job there is on the market, but this is at the end a very unfriendly economic situation, which eventually will result in economic difficulties time and time again due to the constant major investments that are needed to instruct, tutor, and coach every new employee. And it's also true that there once in a while can arrive a situation whereas you need to change job due to personal situations, ones that leave you with no other choice anymore, then trying to find the perfect other job you maybe also always wanted to do. But no matter how, or in what kind of circumstances you need to find a job, don't be someone else, even when you would find yourself in a situation whereas there are some who dislike you and would be more than happy to block your path in whatever direction you would want to direct your life. There are always many more who will stand behind you when so hopefully, and all those will know, even future colleagues, that you are or were the perfect guy/woman for the job. Yes, even when you at the end wouldn't receive the job, then you will have not succumbed to the world of the wicked. You will have stayed yourself, a human being, and you will only be able to do something on this type of injustice from out of that position, as the people who know you best do know that you won't have lost your decency, your sanity, above all your humanity, the same as Job had not lost his either.

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I have to agree with the fact that trying to be someone you are not can really put you in a very delicate situation. If you get accepted, people will have certain expectations from you and when you don't deliver that, questions will come your way.

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