Eretz Yisrael's right to exist forever

145) The rebirth of the State of Eretz Yisrael has since decades been a matter of dispute between a few and the many within Jewish society. The few opposed and opposes its recreation due to a firm belief in the fact that it may not happen till the coming of the Moshiach. They belief in what they belief because they do so out of the desire of being the only one entitled to have a say in who is the Moshiach, a person to their liking, to their ego in reality if they would only be willing to open their eyes. But going to bed with the enemy of the Jewish family, the Jewish nation, won't give them any benefits at all, especially as those type of enemies don't want Judaism to be a belief at all, then only are aspiring a worldwide belief of just one, namely their own à la Rome. However, it's thanks to this revelation that we witness the wickedness of these few within the Jewish world, and the real reason in why they oppose what has already started since decades ago, even before World War I for that matter. They refuse to admit the resemblance our times have with the one of Moshe, as also in Moshe's time did the Jewish nation had to regain their confidence as a people. They had to regain their belief, the one of their patriarch, of Yaacov because they were all descendants of the twelve sons and one sister of Yisrael. They were a people, and still luckily are today, as will be it forever, just as how it has been prophesied. The Jewish people back then had to relearn a lot about the belief in G-d, and they did so. G-d didn't expect from them all to become masters like Moshe and Aharon, but only hoped that more than enough would be found to lead, to guide them on their way altogether. After all, it is said that the time that will herald the arrival of Moshiach will be the one wherein every Jew will have at least kept two Sabbaths as how it is supposed to be kept. Yes, two Sabbaths in an entire lifetime is all what is asked for. That's not much, and at the same time gives us the desire to know more about the why. Yeah, you only have to keep two Sabbaths while you may the rest of your days be secular, or what is regarded as being secular within the Jewish world. However, when you would keep the Sabbath for just only two times as how it's intended to be kept, then know that you have learnt to understand the Torah, and that light will be burning throughout your entire life. A person who has really committed him-/herself to properly observe the Sabbath for two times will want to know more, just as it was in the time of Moshe. The Jewish people returned en masse back home after World War II because the era of Moshiach had already been put into motion. The same thing did we witness during the Six Day War in 1967 because G-d did rest on the seventh day, but the Jewish people regained after that war all of Eretz Yisrael. The few amongst the Jewish nation say that the Jewish people don't deserve to have it yet, but if that would be true, then the Jewish people in Moshe's time didn't deserve it either to be given the Torah, and they did receive it. As they did come to learn in how to regain their faith in G-d, so is every Jew at his/her own pace trying to regain G-d's faith, Judaism, as well in our times. It's up to every Jewish member of the family to uplift those who would have fallen within that process, and certainly not trying to give the enemy, the one who falsely thinks to belief in G-d too, the green light, and all resources necessary to destroy it. And we all know what He thinks about such a behavior by way of knowing our Torah about Cayin (=Cain) who eventually vanished completely with the flood during Noah's era. The presence of a red heifer in our world gives us just the knowledge that every Jew from out of G-d's viewpoint has observed Sabbath twice!

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