Knowing yourself is knowing G-d's world

146) From as good as the beginning of civilization man has always been taught, been raised within the belief of good and wrong. This was already so before the world of Adom, the very reason why it caused man to evolve from a sole being into one with a help, a Chava (=Eve). However, the knowledge about good and wrong before Adom was not quite the same, as it was more based on a necessity to keep the world at balance. For the world to be at peace with itself, it needed barbaric behavior, it needed wickedness, evil to work in tandem with goodness in a manner of speaking. It was viewed in that perspective within that world because of the concept of the ego within, and keeping the balance of nature intact. Everything was regarded as natural, something that needed to be done, which meant that an evil act was justified, was seen as something that was right to do, was for the well-being of everyone, a good deed thus. A silly idea we know, we have hopefully understood by now, but that was how man saw the world back then based on what it learnt from nature itself without really understanding its inner depth in fact till it became more acquainted with the concept of spirituality, even domesticating nature. That world began to have its gods therefore, and still kept hanging onto them for a very long time, even till today when you know how to discover the ancient concept within a person's behavior towards his/her fellow being, albeit used somewhat differently. Yeah, it's not without reason, without depth that the beginning of Genesis speaks about a serpent because the world of Adom became regarded as an emerging world of all troubles to that other world. It started to become fearful of Adom, as it rightly understood it to become a revolution within the concept of rule and governing, even religiously. It saw the era of Adom as something that would do harm to the balance it lived by; it doing harm to even the offering of humans to their gods. This resulted on its turn for the serpent to try to lure Adom back, trying to get him out of the spiritual jackpot so to speak. But the first human being (=Adom) of the new world persisted, tho not without a fall backwards first. And we all are well aware of what happened next, even when we still today would be not quite capable of understanding what really did happen, or why something had been written as how it became written down in ancient Hebrew. Anyhow, the era of Adom gave humankind the ability of coming to terms with the reality of what would bring the entire world into a proper understanding of what it really means to pull your act together and bring back balance in your very own world, namely by bringing the below and the above within yourself into a unity, a oneness of pure light, pure goodness so that we all would see what is needed to be seen for we to really progress, and elevate ourselves all the way into the seventh heavens, even by the use of a spacecraft for that matter.

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