We are not who nor what we are

148) The words democracy, freedom and liberty are certainly not alien anymore in whatever part of the world we do live our lives. However, we all, and especially world leaders, should be very carefully when attaching certain visions to those same words, especially when the final goal is about to bring huge changes to the way we live, or how people will look towards each other. Sometimes our eagerness to give, or to give-in, for purposes of peace are so deeply aspired that we tend to lose sight of what we really desired most to achieve at the end. We see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel, and forget that there is still darkness that tries to pull us back by taking our feet when having fallen into its deceptive trap. Panicking is no good in such situations because it will only give more strength to what we just don't want to see happening, or happening again once more. Trying to achieve peace, or rather a just durable peace, at all costs in this perspective can seem to be a noble thing to do, even when it comes as good as to the point of appeasing what we never should appease. However, it at the end will have no chances of survival because we let us become assimilated with the very thing we oppose, namely a world falling back into its old habits, the abyss of all abysses, instead of going for the betterment of it. Mostly we feel that this is the right decision to take, as moving on in how we were doing so would risk too much innocent bloodshed due to that the other side refuses to go along with us into a more enlightened world than it was before. Anyhow, this is not a healthy situation when the danger we are facing is so enormously that giving in at such a critical time would just cause even more innocent bloodshed to be shed instead of less. And it's understandable that such type of political situations are not easy ones when being presented as they are on any person's dish, but coping with them in the wrong way won't bring us one step further, even when under pressure from malicious wicked personalities. It needs the proper thoughts, the very best assessment that can be made, and above all a Queen Esther's wisdom when being confronted with a Haman style present day figure, but with modern weaponry in his/her possession this time. So if we really want to keep the world moving on into the world to come, then it will be of utmost importance that we also sincerely do know what we are talking about to this regard, as it ain't Heaven. It's a world whereas the above and the below will be fully one single body, one Kingdom so to speak where there is no room for the ego, nor political ego thus as well, and this neither within the market of businesses. It will be one entity of light within every person while we all together will be enlightening up the entire then world of humankind, even nature, a unification never seen before, but it will have a just peace, freedom, liberty and democracy for all and everyone everlasting. And it will foremost reveal who or what we truly are, namely not a human being at all. But still...

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