Lowering the bridge to enter a new world

149) A main misconception with regard to G-d's word spoken to us all Jew and gentile alike is that it is said that He has given man rule over everything that concerns the natural world. But we have different types of ruling between how we perceive it in our humane world, and how we learn about it when delving into the depths of G-d's kingdom of souls, the spiritual world thus. For this we have to remember that man before the Adom (Hebrew for human (m/w)) of the Garden of Eden had as good as no knowledge about it, but lived mostly by the rule of the strongest no matter if that would be him or nature. This started to change when our world, as how we have come to know it, began to take shape, to evolve into what we today have become. We learnt that having rule over means that we always should be capable of lowering ourselves, and in a certain sense make us equal to the level of the other, even nature so to better understand the worries, the anxieties, but as well in how it all does work, and thus how we can learn from it to the betterment of everything wherein we live our life. This is the most highest valuable knowledge we have to try to acquaint ourselves with when we want to abide by a given enlightened rule over things whereof we acknowledge that everything serves the ultimate goal of perfection, while hoping at the same time that we one day would be having the full right to live it in all its fullest as a being wherein blood runs through its veins. An enlightened world can therefore only mature into its highest state when we all would be prepared to accept the other as how s/he is because even as the body can show weakness, or be handicapped, the soul is never so. Our quest to find the perfect world can thus only be found within ourselves as such. It's for us to find it, or be helped to discover its beauty, and become taught about it correctly. No world of man can succeed in this when it keeps being fixed with the perception that having rule over means that you can do with the others and nature to your liking without any grave consequences attached to it. Many throughout humankind's history have come to know this the hard way, namely that a price is often being paid when having ruled wrongly, even when it concerns nature for that matter. And in that know-how sits a very important lesson because G-d gave man the authority to rule over so that he would learn to live together with the world around him in harmony and peace, as how He created it for it to be lived as is, and not for it to become destroyed. The power is in our hands yes, but not the consequences, whether it be for the good or the worse. However, no matter how it turns out, it in both instances is meant for us to learn from it so that we would become that light that will change the world into what it in fact always has been. Only, we didn't saw it yet, or quite clear enough. Yep, that world is already there since the very beginning, even before man, because it's our very own Torah that has never left us in whatever time we may have lived as a being wherein blood runs through its veins, a soul of light for an enlightened world, one that sanctifies life, as G-d is life. He is the G-d of the living! He is HaShem.

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