Listening to our soul mate

150) Man has always tried to find ways to better his life, to make the world a better place for everyone. He started on a journey of inventing multiple things for different purposes. Some were good while others not that good, or even the worst a man could ever have created. But he learnt and ameliorated what he thought necessary for everyone to have a prosperous life, tho the ghost of war, of violence never really departed out of his sight, and as such the tools to make it happen whether as a means to defend or otherwise. Yes, man came from very far, from a place most agree today that we should never return to the thoughts that were so prevalent in those men's ancient world. However, we cannot leave that world without realizing and accepting the reality that remnants of it are still today a daily presence, in the one we live in right now that is. They once in a while will keep trying to wreck havoc within our lives we live on our journey towards the world to come, a next new world, man evolving into its next stage. It are ghosts of the past that like a serpent would love to see us fall into its trap, the apple we are not allowed to touch so to speak, nor to eat from for that matter either. True, the serpent within Bereishis (=Genesis) is none other than the symbolic representation of that other world the Adom (=human) of our new world had left behind for he wanted to start a life with his help, his Chava (=soul -> Eve (soul mate)). He had found his soul (mate), and as a result would leave his parents by building a new home, a new world based on what he had come to learn, namely in that he is a being with a light within him, a luminous experience that would revolutionize the entire human endeavor. No, it will change the entire world G-d created, even the one of our present nature. And so it eventually began with its enlightening task, but not quite as had been expected for the old habits of ancient times kept harassing this new world, our world, till even this very day. But it won't disappear by ignoring its reality, refusing to accept that it ever existed, and still exist, for that would also destroy everything Adom had worked for so tirelessly, and eventually would lead us right into the arms of the wicked, if it's not already happening. Yep, we can only build a proper and strong defense against the wrongs of the past within our own self when we foremost won't reject that it ever happened, that it was a part of our history, an evolutionary knowledge. If we on the other hand adamantly want to keep ignoring this reality, then we will eventually also destroy our Torah, and maybe even just more than that alone at the end. You can only succeed in the battle against your enemy when you know with whom you are dealing with, even when it concerns the one within ourselves, namely the ghost of an ancient world, and its habits. When we reject, then no one will be able to learn the Torah properly, and Adom's quest will be lost for good, but not forever if and when so. It's thus for us to make sure that we won't get lost by keeping ourselves connected to our help, our soul mate, our Chava, our very own beacon of light that will always guide us on our path to the world to come within a world that has still some nasty dark places to overcome before it can shout out: We've made it. And so will every generation of Adoms leave their parents like Avraham once did, as evolution progresses to that ultimate goal when man will have returned home to the Parent of all parents, even of all children, and as such becoming a new reality of old times from the beginning of time.

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