The covenant of rational thinking

151) Sometimes when we have it ourselves quite well, no worries or complaints at all, just the usual stuff, then we tend to sink away into a feeling of everything is taken care of, and nothing can happen, or will happen to me. This is in some cases true for some years because we eventually will always for certain tumble at least once in our lifetime into a pit, perhaps even a very deep one. Some will stay in it due to having, or finding no help at all while others are helped, or have still some financial resources left to crawl out of it themselves, albeit with a lesson learnt this time, but hopefully in the good sense of the experience witnessed. And this not just to the person him-/herself, or what an entire family had to endure, then to everyone around him/her. Other pits are not so well known to us, which means that we don't recognize them as such because they do not fit our criteria of what we do understand about it. However, they too are ones, even when we feel lost in something simple as a translation, or within a math class. Falling into some trouble doesn't mean that it always has to be very grave or disastrous. It teach us thus that we live to learn from the day of our first breath till the last one, no matter how deep the pit is to a certain problem we face. But how we do so, how we channel the solutions found into our daily lives is of utmost importance. Receiving help is commendable by the one who does so. Nevertheless is it always as such that the helped one will afterwards often act based on how s/he has been helped. This can have been done through good guidance as well as by wrong desires. Giving or getting help means thus that both have to be practiced on a foundation of the soul, and not the ego because there will otherwise be no balance found. The danger of an irrational or erratic behavior will without doubt surface the premises more than once when it becomes not corrected soon before the momentum being lost forever, and the light of a most precious soul as well for the well-being of all humankind. How such a help is being given is of course still today sometimes a very difficult question to be answered properly, as there is often something attached to it. In certain regions you become helped differently, or not at all because you are not Christian, and in other places due to you being an infidel while in Judaism is everyone helped, as every person is seen as a most precious soul of light, even the one of the gentile. Not what the person beliefs in or not beliefs in is important, but humanity is, the sanctity of life is for only within that perspective will our world, all life become a lasting experience to be enjoyed forever based on the covenant G-d made with Avraham, Yitchak, Yaacov and Moshe. G-d didn't made a covenant with Yishmael, nor with Esav, even not with a person called Jesus, nor Mohammed. And this is a very important teaching to take into consideration because help given can only be successful when certain basic lessons do become accepted as they are. No one will be helped when people start to trample them, eventually trying to revise them into something that cannot last for what becomes build is being build on a very shaky foundation no matter how long the building can withstand many earthquakes. It will crumble to dust eventually, but hopefully opening the eyes of the people during such a process within a non-violent anticipation of what they will have come to witness. Everyone can thus for him-/herself see how we succeed in this or not, and what needs to be done to ameliorate it yes or no. After all, G-d made a covenant with Noah as well.

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