What lays beyond the border of a borderless world

152) We may fairly assume that much water has flown, and will be flowing towards the oceans with regard to our search, and understanding behind the meaning of life and dead. Yes, not one day has passed since humankind's very existence without someone trying to figure it out as what it now means to be alive when knowing that you will die one day, whether in the prime of your years, or at an old age. Humankind has seen some very plausible answers, but some weird ones as well, to even utterly bizarre manifestations of a man's imagination. Dead after life, or life after dead has often become the main talk of the day between the younger and older generation, between believers and non-believers within every sector of a society and time. It's still today covered behind a veil of mystery, as no one can claim to be 100% certain of what lays behind the last day of a person's life. We mostly only know of a very bright light due to what people with a near dead experience have told the entire world. But whatever, or how we think about it, one thing is certain, and that is that the 'angel of dead', as how many have started to call him, will one day knock on our door of our human cycle of life. No one will be exempt from this within his/her nature ever. However, what we see or witness as being dead is not really something as such when we know and realize that we are created in His liking, or within His light, meaning that we are a light as well, a bright shining light if we want. That's what most people with a near dead experience often see, or rather come to witness, namely their own self, the immense light they themselves are when not residing within the host body anymore, but being embraced at the same time by many other similar lights as well within the process of a soul (Chava = Eve) leaving the body back to her celestial home, the one of her parents she left to form a union, a marriage with the human (Adom = Adam) body so to give it a preliminary taste of what life is all about. It lays thus within our very own power to bring this same light into our natural world for it to become equal to the one above, and the 'angel of dead' becoming one of life instead. This of course doesn't imply that no one will die a natural death anymore. We will. However, we will live and die within the knowledge that humankind has really made it, that our ancestors can be proud of us, in that we listened to them, or finally understood their message, and kept their beliefs well guarded, learning about what they tried to transmit to us their stars of light, their grains of sand within the restriction of knowledge that came with their time, but at the same time quite far ahead of it. It's thus clearly something worth talking about whenever we feel the need for it, as the truth never lays that far from the untruth. It's often just a switch of words, like when the word dead in the angel of dead becoming switched into the angel of life instead. Perception can be a tricky business, but once you have it truly right, and not a false 'rightness', not twisted thus, not revised either, then you will know it deep within yourself, and for the very first time really starting to belief in HaShem, even when you are ahead of your time with what you came to know. Hope will gradually faint away into a life of faith because the angel of death is really the one of life, the one who gives you the key to the door of your life, your home, the being you really are whether humanly dying or still humanly alive for many years to come, or a prolonged human life by the grace of G-d. Don't just renounce it out of hand, but talk about it, and see what you can do to bring humankind into a next level of light, to bring again a bit more of the above into the below, to be that angel of light so to speak, to make our world less human, and more into what it really has always been, a light, a beacon for other worlds to follow in its footsteps, just as we were always supposed to follow in His by the guidance of the light of our elders, and our very own Torah residing deep within us, but on the surface of our life as well if we give it, if we give Chava (Eve) the faith, the belief she, our soul, deserves to be given.

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