What began has never begun

153) Scientists have revealed that the beginning of everything must have started with the so called Big Bang. However, this is only still a theoretical assumption based on a thoroughly, and thus in-depth research into the matter in question. And a lot of these findings within their research have been materialized by creating a kind of virtual picture/surrounding of what could have been. They can have it right, but also wrong, or even both. No one can tell for sure for as long as no concrete evidence can be put forward to sustain the theory. After all, it is assumed to be as is based on the understanding in how our very own universe came into existence. We aren't talking here about universes. And there lies perhaps the problem of ever becoming in the ability of going beyond the theory. In a sense, it will only happen once we really will be exploring the above. But there will be no guarantee that man will succeed in this endeavor. Remember the thought about the horizon upon the planet we live today. Man has always been known for his eagerness to explore what was to be found beyond it, not realizing that he never will find it, as he never will even come one inch closer to that same horizon. Yes, we never can reach it. It always keeps the same distance to ourselves. The same it is when we would travel through space by whatever means available within a particular time. Correct, whatever man would like to find behind its curtain of mystery, he will never acquire 100% certainty that what he will reveal is true. It will always stay a guess when it comes to his desire to find the crib of creation because there is only one personality who knows it all, and that's G-d. He knows, and that should be enough for us as well so that we can channel all our energy towards the things within our life which are most important for humankind to excel in goodness. There should be no doubt whatsoever in a person's mind that this is what we should strive for. Everything else can be of a help, like our Chava (= soul/Eve) to achieve that goal. Still, we have to be aware that once we reach a point that was unknown to us, that something new, and not so new at the same time, will lie behind it. And this is no different with the point of the beginning of creation so to speak. Even when we could have found, or one day will find the key to how it all began, it will only be so for our universe, and every other universe. It nevertheless will bring us into another world, putting our entire research with regard to the beginning of creation to zero once again, as if it's a horizon we never can reach, and somehow do need to find it so to enter new worlds like Columbus for instance, and broaden our horizon of knowledge. Anyhow, it will never be the beginning of everything we do find because if we do, then there is no infinity, even no eternity, which means that it's non-existent, and so would its word description become completely invaluable/meaningless, the same as it would be for all monotheistic religions, and certainly for all those who are, or rather haven't been ones. But, let's assume that the horizon of space could be somehow pictured in the same way as the one on Earth, then it will only mean that beyond what keeps the universes together is something else, something new to explore, the explorium/explorea if you want. After all, we have beyond our solar system that what we call our galaxy. And we beyond that do speak of our very own universe. However, behind all that lies new space to explore as well, and so on because the creation of life is a ripple effect that began in its center, and not on the outskirts of the circle. It's thus definitely something infinite. Nevertheless, its center stays forever young, which means that it's as good as impossible to pinpoint exactly the place where it all began, nor its age. The beginning of creation, if it ever began, or when we can call it as such, will therefore stay forever a mystery, even to our very own souls, but not for G-d once he brought together male and female into a oneness. And yet, this was not the beginning!

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