Matrimonial awareness beyond this world

154) The planet we live on today has many islands. We know that it once was not as such, that it all was part of one vast mainland, a oneness. Again we see a kind of similarity with our own lives as well, a profound connection between nature and the spiritual world. True, humankind has grown. It became more aware of many things. It also separated itself into all kinds of different groups of people. The Tower of Babel does give us a hint to that fact. There seems to have been a time wherein every man understood one another. There was no misunderstanding possible. His nature was the rule. Anyhow, it was not yet the right time to bring the below and the above together into a matrimonial awareness. Humankind was not yet ready for such a huge step forward, at least not all of us in one single step. Yes, they understood each other, but not a lot about the spiritual within them in that particular time. Therefore, and as a result of man's ego, his ultimate desire to know G-d, man wanted to reach the stars, finding the answer to the mystery of life, its well hidden secret. We could assume that it was the red line which man wasn't authorized to cross yet. As a consequence, he became not so sure anymore of what he thought was the right path to wander on. Everything was new to him. And some did learn, did began a study on what became revealed to the entire world of man while others adamantly refused to acknowledge their wrong. Their selfish perception of the time they lived in blurred their rightness, causing them to be wrong all the time without realizing it, even to the point of not accepting reality. Diversity entered our world, and it somehow succeeded in enriching us as well because different opinions became heard and studied. Instead of trying to achieve in an uncontrolled hurry that what man desired most, he began to have patience. At least, this was to be the path of those who wanted to follow the one of life. The others were still very impatiently by their very own mortal nature, or dead thus, constantly trying to erase the rightness, life of those who were wrong, or even evil in their eyes. In a certain way, the awareness of having a soul caused man to become less unified. At least, this is how it seemed or seems, but not necessarily a truth, a fact. Of course, when this change wouldn't have occurred, then man's nature would have kept him away from the desire to build the tower. But every man wanted to reach the sky in that time. There was no one to be found who didn't want it. No one wanted to be left behind, but they didn't understood that it wasn't the way to learn about yourself, about who you are. And these are the two parallel worlds whereof it is said that they one day will join in matrimony as a bride and a groom, namely the natural one and the spiritual one. The world before ours, before the world of Adom of the Garden of Eden was one exclusively controlled by its natural aspect, its selfishness in a way of speaking. Ours on the other hand is governed by both, by those who worship dead and those who belief in the path of life while the next one will only be governed by the oneness from our souls body, the child that will be born out of the marriage in a manner of speaking, the perfect balance between male and female, between the natural and the spiritual, a next generation of human beings, an evolution that cannot be stopped anymore. Yes, not even by those who would still want to try it by means of apocalyptic military devices, as what has begun did so long before we as human beings knew we've come to exist, even all life for that matter.

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