The Sabbatical millennium of our soul, mind and body

155) We have been tutored that the entire Garden of Eden since the beginning of creation became what it became on the seventh day. Today we are slowly accustoming ourselves to the reality that it took more than seven days to create what became created. This revelation caused us to rethink our entire study of what we studied. We began to understand that the Torah was referring to a creation by nature of body and mind, and a spiritual one of mind and soul. This eventually culminated into two different worlds joining themselves together into a oneness with all the ups and downs that came with it, or the below and the above joining themselves together into a matrimony if you wish. But it became at the same time a prophetic vision as well. A prophecy yes because we assume one day to be like a thousand years within G-d's world. And when we would be prepared to see it within such a perception, then we have to admit that G-d is still in the process of putting the finishing touches to the Garden of Eden so to speak. This means that a study of the Torah at this level will also reveal that we at the moment are living the sixth day, even being on the verge of entering the seventh day within a few hundred years from this very day on when it will be the year 6001 since Adom became 'born', the first human being who evolved into a spiritual 'complexity' no man has ever witnessed before. He became the first person enriched with the knowledge of having a soul, and all life for that matter wherein blood runs through its veins. Some within the confines of Kabalah do assume therefore that it's not the body that needs healing, but rather the soul. However, they are wrong in their perception regarding the world of the Creator because the soul doesn't need any healing at all, as it's an extremely anti-Judaic perception that causes them to start wandering off-track, and together with them all those who follow them in their footsteps. Anyhow, it's also true that the body doesn't need healing either, as it cannot function without a soul, nor a mind of its own. Still, this thought makes us aware of the fact that the mind is the bridge between both worlds. So we have thus to conclude that it's the mind that needs healing, and only the soul can give it its medication, namely the light it gives to enlighten the entire body with, even the world entire when we all would follow our soul's light giving guidance. However, the beginning of creation within Bereishis (Genesis) also reveals in a certain way that our honoring of the Sabbath isn't necessarily one that must be kept confined only to our ancient old understanding of how we understood His word. No, it's a tradition of honoring a symbolic depth from the deepest depth of ourselves wherewith we also are and will be showing our utmost and deepest respect, as well as belief, for the Sabbatical millennium that still has to come. Celebrating the Jewish Sabbath, believing in Judaism, conjoins therefore the past with the present and the future, a very powerful oneness indeed if we only could begin to understand its real power properly. After all, it's the foundation stone whereupon all life is being build, has been created, even the one of the soul. Nevertheless, it doesn't refer to the beginning of the before, namely the void, but one that is still filled with plenty of essence to think about, as we have called it the infinity! The Torah is thus to be seen as a guidance of light wherewith we can live, even build our lives wherever we may come, even on other planets and/or space, to settle ourselves thus as a being created in the likeness of G-d, a Chava (=Eve = a soul).

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