Being a oneness in freedom and peace with differences

157) We have quite a few denominations within the world of Christianity and Islam. Many of them have alienated themselves from the other ones. It's a strive that also caused a lot of unnecessary bloodshed for ages within these people's own midst. And it largely did and somehow still does happen due to the conviction of being right while the other is not, or not quite. However, what most of them don't want to become confronted with is the possibility that every one of them could be wrong, walking a path that will lead them to nowhere thus, or Neverworld in a manner of speaking, just turning around in circles, not really knowing where they have to go to, a rudderless ship alike. They have a vision, that's true. But it has finally been revealed, and accepted by many, to be a flawed one. And it's this flaw within themselves, within their own midst, even to the core of the heart of what they have come to believe in that caused so much suffering to fall upon the shoulders of many innocent people worldwide, Jew and gentile alike. Some within their culture where even so adamantly convinced that every word with an -ism was wrong, was evil. Well, if you know that people spoke, and speak of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, then a picture won't have to be drawn to know what these persons were thinking about in relation to anti-Semitism, which is by the way also an -ism. And this is what we could call a situation that reveals a complete contradiction because both -isms are not viewed in the same way, and still are regarded as an evil within the mind of the person who thinks that an -ism is evil, like communism, or socialism for instance. So the point that these persons are creating, or still would want to abide by, makes no sense at all unless it's done within the blindness of their mind, their thinking, one of hatred, even unjustified revenge. After all, when creating words, then it will not be that difficult to state that we also can have Christianism, even fascism became one day a new word, but also Judaica could be one, as an alternative for Judaism. We even have Islamism today. We therefore do come to understand that hatred/revenge/racism is always baseless, that there is no justified reason in whatever situation man would want to find one. Every one of us is a human being, and we in such a capacity do make faults in our search, even research, to know more about G-d, and which path He would like us to be wandering on. The only thing we have to remember everlasting is that we may never ever renegade on the wisdom of the Torah, the foundation whereupon not only Judaism has been founded, but many other -isms as well, or they rather have taken at least certain parts of its wisdom within their kind of -ism, like Buddhism and Hinduism. We, as a Jewish person, will always have to be on our guard therefore so to not let us become overwhelmed by those who oppose the law of nature and spirit together as a oneness, not a separation, a division. The same it is for the gentile who thinks like-minded, as the Jewish faith does. One who especially wants to picture in deeds a religious belief in G-d as such, meaning separation, is one who tries to force upon the world of man a belief in a divide and conquer ideology, something that is completely in opposition to the unifying wisdom, the oneness our Torah amplifies within the thought of our mind by way of our soul's guidance. Simply said: It's against the peace, even freedom of a person's soul, even the Jewish one, the one of Judaism who abides by His Torah, and does want to be a Jew in body, mind and soul wholeheartedly, and everlasting within Eretz Yisrael!

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