The fundamental of fundamentalism

158) Extremism/fundamentalism is a kind of belief we can't and should never familiarize with as being the traditional belief in G-d, the founded tradition thus. G-d's House isn't build on such a religious lifestyle because it's a style of belief that in fact pushes every bit of oxygen out of a person's lung, and then prevents him/her to inhale some fresh air. But we all do know that we only can stay alive, and kicking in certain justified cases, when we inhale, and exhale properly and balanced. We exhale what has been used, and refresh it with hopefully clean air instead. Well, today we can't be quite that sure anymore if what we inhale is really fresh air of course when we take the matter very literally. However, fundamentalism needs air as well to survive, and it as a result will always try to search for it within the world it despises/hates, stealing it away from it. The strategy is simple, namely cutting the other world completely off from its very source wherewith it stays alive, wherewith it keeps being a light unto the nations. This is within the Jewish world a very common knowledge when we remember what the Romans, even the Greek have wanted to succeed in. It's no different in what Nazism tried, nor what some today do want to see fulfilled once again whether by violence, or seemingly 'peaceful' means. And this says it all because we only have to bring to the forefront the custom of lighting the Sabbath candles. We may not extinguish them. We especially have to even watch out for it that no gust of wind will blow them out. But when you would take the oxygen away from the room, then their light will faint till it will be no more before Sabbath's end. And this is what fundamentalism tries to achieve with the entire world, namely to force it to comply with its ideology. It tries to steal the oxygen so that everyone else is left with only two choices, namely to die or to live. However, in reality it's in this case just one option, as people will die whatever choice they will make, the one literally while the other figuratively for the time being that is. The world will be pushed/forced to abide by the rules of the fundamentalist, meaning only to belief in the fundamental. There is no room to delve into the deep, of learning to understand what you really are reading, then just what you read literally, a man's nature, his Adom personality. It's an ideology thus that prevents a person to excel in goodness, causing him/her to fall into a constant conflict with his/her own self, and one that will imprison him/her into a behavior that doesn't comply with whom s/he really is. The Torah can be used as a prime example, it being the foundation, the cornerstone if you wish, but not the Temple in itself, the one that king Shlomo (Solomon) eventually had build, even the Tent of meeting that Moshe erected. Those structures became build because of having understood what G-d's fundamental principle really meant, namely trying to study it right/just, and then move forward with what you have learnt, being always aware to be prepared of correcting faults/mistakes we could make on the way. And fundamentalism is a major one for sure, even appeasing its body and mind, but surely not the souls of the people within because they have been put into captivity, into chains, just the same as the Egyptians once tried with the soul of the Hebrew/Jewish nation.

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