Moment of truth

160) We within the world of Christianity do have a person who goes by the name of Jesus, a person who seem, by the reports of his apostles, to have said that Moshe only wrote what he had written regarding the matter of divorce due to the mentality of the Jewish people in that particular time. However, being Jewish means that we are reading and learning within our very own Torah that it wasn't Moshe at all who said this, then G-d Himself who had given him His written Laws and Commandments on Mount Sinai, even the one about the divorce thus. G-d did gave Moshe the tables with the Ten Commandments written in stone, but also a lot more knowledge and wisdom as well. Every human being is therefore entitled to put in question the sincerity surrounding the word within the Christian belief, as how it had been written down by the apostles themselves that is, even what is said within about its founder in relation to its truth, and being a word of G-d, or a god, or just that of a community filled with a lot of hatred at the time, and beyond. We in a certain way could even assume that it profiled itself for centuries as a wolf in sheep clothes, and perhaps still does so within certain circles of human society. It to some extend puts even the Koran into a completely different light when we come to realize that it became born out of a Christian upbringing in a time when hatred/enmity against Judaism, and everything non-Christian was rampant. And we all do know within our world of sincerity in how Islam began its conquest of people's souls, and their world, even home. You would almost have to start believing that the word of both religions became rather an upside down version of the Torah instead of a word that has really been transmitted by G-d to those persons named Jesus and Mohammed. We perhaps could even state that by wanting to create a summary, a smaller version, that the people of these faiths within its early stage took the momentum of revising it within the style of their thoughts of the mind that was filled with this enmity against what they couldn't accept anymore. There is just too much erratic human influence within to keep the momentum alive of what both do tell to be the truth while claiming the Torah to be false, to be a fiction. But such a conviction of their mind would make their own word one as well. The mind can play tricks with people and the world entire, especially when it's filled with hatred/enmity. However, the soul of the Torah will never do so, nor the people who would want to follow the light of that soul, the one we witness within the Torah of the Judaic faith. After all, if what is said about that person Jesus is true, then he wanted to bring the Jewish people back to their Torah, to their roots, and this would be in complete contradiction to what he also could have said in relation to the matter of a divorce between a husband and wife, even many other things that are not true, and what we today can firmly state as being really so. Anyhow, no matter what had been said or written, the conclusion is that Jews are asked to not start wandering outside their faith, to not in any way become Greek or Roman, nor Christian or Muslim for that matter thus, then to just start delving deeper within it, within their Torah, reconnecting themselves more firmly with whom they truly are, are fully entitled to be wherever they would want to reside outside their Jewish homeland Eretz Yisrael from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to the Jordan river, from Eilat and the Sinai to the Lebanon and the Golan, but of course also within their own home, and this without falling into the trap of extremism, which is something alien to the Judaic faith. Still, it again makes clear that not the body nor the soul needs healing, then rather the mind of people, of many people, and this of every faith worldwide.

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