Diverse and united

161) Today we love to write and talk about genocides that have been committed against many people no matter if it's justified or not. And this has been so since the greatest genocide of all genocides took place, namely the Holocaust, or also called the Shoah. It within political, and thus also diplomatic circles, is a word that has often been used and uttered with utmost care, even sensitivity, in not to offend another nation, or people, even when that one could have committed a same likewise atrocity a few decades before World War II, like with the case of Turkey for instance. It's as if every politician, at least western ones, do want to brainwash themselves with the thought that it can't be regarded as being a genocide because the word itself became only used after what happened during that war. And they of course are in their full right to say so when interpreted in this way because the word after all didn't exist. However, often these politicians do act as how they do so because when we return into humankind's history, then many western nations will have to commit themselves to utter their sincere apologies for what their ancestors have done to millions of other people when colonization of other cultures became a widespread phenomenon, even within the mind of Arab leaders, especially after the birth of Islam when we turn our head to North Africa and parts of the Middle-East for instance. It in fact has always been so since we can remember, namely the ideology behind male natural masculinity in having a scalp to be proud of to have, to parade with, and to use as a tool of fear, of power, of strength when still confronted with other adversaries/enemies in those times, even during the time of the Roman Empire, as well as the one of the Egyptian enslavement of the Jewish/Hebrew people, or its exile during Assyrian/Persian hegemony. Hence, somehow this puts even in question the very beginning of the two World Wars, as how history has told it us when we would put everything under review once again. And when we do so, when we start to delve deeper, then we have to admit that there has always been just one single World War, one that still has never come to an end, and just only abated a bit now and then, to again flaring-up once the forces of darkness were back on their feet, albeit often with other players around due to that empires did fell apart. But this is no different to the Muslim world, or the world of Islam for that matter, the same as it is for the Christian one. You somehow would have to assume that the people, or rather the many leaders of today within different branches of society don't want to be kept reminded of what happened before World War II, as if the world of man, the beginning of it, became only created in the year 1945 at the end of August. Everything before that time, even all the way up to the Garden of Eden and before, is up for sale so to speak, up for revision into a better picture based mostly upon a mind of hatred/enmity against this or that people. It's as if they don't want to let go what they once had when it was not theirs, like the Muslim obsessive addiction vis-à-vis Yerushalayim, even the whole of Eretz Yisrael, the Jewish homeland. This same thinking by use of the mind only is also still hovering around within Western civilizations as well, especially within circles of Christianity, but also anti-religious people worldwide. And they all have their very personal reasons of hatred for behaving as they do because there is no love and peace to be found within their actions no matter if it can seem that way. Nevertheless, people will have to come to terms with that what they can't have, and has never been theirs in the first place when they truly want an everlasting peace, when they truly want a world wherein no genocides will ever take place once again, no Shoah anymore, only warmth, love and respect for the diversities where our world abides by since the Torah of humanity became known to everyone, since humankind came to learn about its soul, its bright light within itself. Judaism has never colonized anyone, nor was and is it an empire. It was and is merely a tiny kingdom, its soul living on forever within the Jewish Hebrew nation, the one that tried and tries to defend itself against the Goliaths who could and still cannot accept the concept of diversity, of having the right to be diverse, to be who one truly is, and still believing in one G-d only. In fact, between all that fighting, humankind forgets to see one denominator, and that is that it within the deepest depth of itself does want to be regarded as one united community. Only, it often and mostly still refuses to let the soul to be its guide in this endeavor, and accept that every human being is also unique, diverse if you want, even in what (s)he beliefs. And this has always enriched humankind, especially within the domain of new discoveries that became revealed, even within our study about the Torah. Yes, we are never too old to learn, but it is what we do with it that will unite us or break us apart for as tiny as the Jewish people, the Jewish nation, the Jewish family may be, they are the perfect bridge between the unification of many peoples into one diverse universal community, as only they know the Torah inside out.

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