Changing the world by setting ourselves free

163) There is the world with its many differences we live in today. Nothing has changed to that fact since humankind's existence. Just as it was before, people of today are no different to that fact as those of yesterday. It for sure will be the same as well for them who will live their life tomorrow, even all the way into many next generations. We may even say that it will still be exactly the same if we all would believe only in G-d's Torah and in nothing else, something we clearly witness within not just the Jewish faith, but in many other faiths too. Yeah, when there is freedom of thinking, even when it's only from out of a mind's perspective, then you will have people with different views and opinions about all kind of matters that make a diverse lifestyle so rich in content. The situation becomes quite different once you not only enter the field with a totalitarian ideology, but starts to curtail all freedoms that don't answer positively to the new set out rules. Many faiths have fallen to that temptation, but the same accounts for those who say that they don't belief in anything than just the god of their so called anti-belief in this or that. Some of them are showing signs of totalitarianism themselves, even see no problem at all in joining the enemy of a nation so to help them destroy it while both themselves can't stand each others lifestyle, and would without doubt in other circumstances jump at each others throat right away. And then you have also the manipulation of the press, or rather the lucrative ideology of controlling the press into a certain direction, as it is widely known that if people always are reading plenty of the same against very few distractive articles vis-à-vis the main view, or none at all that the majority will ultimately follow the view of the newspaper's affiliation, or thus those of the leader(s)/politicians/professors of a country because a certain view starts not with a journalist nor just with a politician. Anyhow, many of those leaders, even certain professors on university campuses, have gain their power status by misusing the opportunity that democratic rules did gave them, and do give them today. There is nothing much that can be done to stop this permanently unless you would give up on the principles of democracy altogether yourself, and give way to dictatorship/tyranny or semi this or that. Nevertheless, there is a way to end the problems humankind has faced since its existence to this matter, namely our soul. Yes, the reason why so many have successfully being able to misuse a time of freedom and democracy lays them in the reality that many people have imprisoned their soul and/or one that has been imprisoned. People don't really think for themselves anymore, even when they think they do. True, millions of persons have today the ability to express themselves through the Internet be it by means of reactions to certain blogs and news articles, then as well by keeping blogs and/or are even the owners of a web site themselves. Beside this all you have also the many forums. There is thus plenty of room within our present technological world to express ourselves in all liberty. But we will have to set ourselves completely free before we truly can express ourselves as a personality free of all strains of captivity, of imprisonment. In all other circumstances will we only portray the picture of those we follow, a picture of a leader, of a person, a professor who was perhaps the first to set out the view you began to believe in as a human being. Faith can be different to that tho that many will probably put this in question. Still, it can if we learn to understand our Torah as it should always have been understood. Our Torah is not of this world while the Evangel and the Koran are for instance. The one is not manmade while the others are. That's a very important difference because the one is fully free while the others are not. It's something you can only come to witness once you truly have set your soul free because then you will be connected to another world, a world that knows what the mind on itself can't grasp. And once the soul has been freed, then it will gradually step-by-step cure the mind of any wrong thoughts. It will eventually also change yourself into seemingly another person, but in fact will it be the person you always have been since your birth. Only, you didn't now it yet. And yes, even many faith believers don't believe with their soul, but only with their mind sadly enough. You perfectly can witness this within the Islamic faith, but even within Christianity when you take medieval times into consideration. And no, there will still be quite a lot of differences in such a truly free world to enrich it, but this time in a proper way, in a manner that won't end in violence! Just think about it further on by taking into considerations that many present day non-believers do fulfil Torah commandments without that they realize it themselves that they really do so.

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