Rules of engagement

167) Sometimes we tend to give in to the feeling that everything is fine, that nothing will harm us; that the world around us don't bother us anymore, nor even the well-being of our brothers and sisters. After all, we are with over more than 7 billion people on this planet alone. And we don't yet account all other life wherein blood runs through its veins. Being all alone can thus give rise to that wrong thought for sure, but it will equally rise up when being surrounded by close relatives as well as friends because the thought on itself has nothing to do with this kind of fact regarding your life, as it doesn't concern your deep inner self; an inner self that is by the way connected to the whole, and thus never alone at all. However, if it occurs as explained, then it is for sure a warning sign that the ego is silently taking over your way of behavior, your way of how you want to live. Not reacting as should be will without doubt result in a change in attitude whereas the gravity of the mutiny by the ego will be determinant in measuring the degree of selfish behavior that will enter your daily lifestyle vis-à-vis other life around you, even that of your own brothers and sisters. You will often feel pleasure when being successful in harming them one way or another, even your parents, or parents their children as well as colleagues at work for we will mostly tend to behave as if we were G-d ourselves while we due to our blindness won't realize that such an outspoken attitude doesn't represent Him at all. Still, every step we take, whether wrong or good, can be a lesson in itself if we want it so. We are beings that have been given a free mind. What we do with it is what we often think is right. But rules of engagement are always dictated from above our heads, even from G-d, and how many of us have always perceived this as such till this day. It often give rise to wrong thoughts about Him itself due to that we wrongly paste His rule onto human rulings, as leaders tend to mix their ego rules and His ones together. Therefore has it become that quite some people don't differentiate anymore between the one and the other, then do put everything into one and the same box. If a leader, whether a priestly one or not, act dictatorial, then many people who don't agree will be distancing themselves from Him as well, or at least will try to do so if still possible. Even people who deeply believed in Him will start to have second thoughts about the fairness and truth regarding His word. Nevertheless, both type of rulings should as a lesson in human decency become disconnected from one another. And in such a particular case should we do so truly for humankind to learn why and what's all about. It's only when we keep both separated from each other that we will see what others don't see. Yes, that we will keep burning our light within us no matter what so to be aware of in how others around us are heading for the one disaster after the other because of having no free will, no free mind at all anymore, even when they wrongly think they still do due to the indoctrination policy of the leaders they listen to. However, humankind can still be saved from its own self-destructive nature (ego) when the light (soul) of the Temple is still not extinguished entirely within the heart of the Holy body for it means that there are souls out there who are still capable of turning the tide within all matters concerning life in general like queen Esther and above all her uncle Mordechai did for instance. And everyone is well aware as to whom G-d has given this task. He has given it to all of us, but only one people is given the task to keep the light of the heart burning, to let it never become extinguished, even against all odds when so. For that reason can Israel only be Israel as how He has ordained the members of its house as well as those who would join them in their journey to the well being of all, to a better world, a better place free from the desires of the ego, but lived as the Torah has always prescribed it for the rulings of G-d are those of us all made together as one whole. They don't come from above. They come from us all deep within us, and in perfect synchronization between the above and the below. It's a place, a world where we truly will be capable of connecting every type of ruling together without risk for they have been made by ourselves since the beginning of no beginning at all. People just have to have patience for everything has its designated time and place. And certainly don't think that matters should be taken within your own hands for it is only the task of Israel, just as it wasn't the task of the sons of Aharon to burn an additional sacrifice when they were not asked to do so!

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