Our children's future... perhaps

169) A lot of talk has, is and will surely be going on about how we want to educate our children so that humankind's future is preserved. It's in itself an everlasting noble practice as life's survival depends on its success. The below and the above can't join into an everlasting matrimony when the below lives in fear of the light, and subsequently tries to escape with its gifts and tasks accordingly by fleeing into the arms of darkness, a sidetrack of the ego, of our self destructive nature wrongly thinking that unleashing viruses, drugs, killing, murder, antipathy, corruption and war is needed so that we as humans act the way nature does to preserve the species on this tiny planet; and often of one kind only. Yes, it's not G-d in this matter that gives and takes but the very natural surrounding we live in. It will always try to regenerate itself when it becomes unstable, when its balance becomes uneven. Nevertheless have we to admit deeply that we ourselves as solely natural human beings are a major cause of concern in this matter because giving birth to children has and is not always done out of love, then rather out of a hunger for power, for world domination resulting in a situation that on itself can lead to the end of human existence on this planet as more people need not only more food but will also diminish our natural resources very rapidly, resources we need; and we don't need if we would still be living in the Stone Age so to speak, a time when nature is given time to regenerate. Anyhow, most of these children are not being cared of as should be because of them serving only one purpose, namely to dominate, to become a majority. They are literally being used as tools of war without them even being aware of it, nor their rulers naive enemy when so. The love of their parents for them, if at all, is thus without doubt a completely fake one. It's an attitude that everyone can easily witness happening when it happens, especially as an adult who still cares, who doesn't want to close his/her eyes for the injustice done to these children. And it's the right thing to do because it's wrong to keep yourself on the sidelines resorting to the false excuse of them being not your very own children, or out of fear for what the adults may do if you don't side with them, with their ideology. These children are ours! They belong to the whole which means that we are all responsible for their well-being within their own people as well as within the entire body, but not within the ideology spoken of above, the dominating illness, the cancer of power. Every single form of life belongs to the one body; and it will have consequences vis-à-vis its indivisible unity when one or more cells start to rebel against its very existence. After all, we as human beings have not been given dominion over to dominate, but to care for one another, for all life so that the body stays healthy upon the foundation laid down within our Torah, even within the Torah. If a situation of 7 billion people needs to be changed into one of let say a maximum of 4 billion people, then it can easily be achieved if we really want it, and without impregnating life with a killing virus, drugs nor war, nor vying for another people's extinction, or the ignorance towards its real historical rights on the ground as a fact when it truly will serve humankind's survival, its existence, even all life. We just have to start thinking as a soul, as whom we truly are. The rest will come by itself, the same as it did with King Solomon and his judgment about the indivisible child, about Yerushalayim thus, even Eretz Yisrael. And that's also one of the reasons behind our time, a time so close to the next world that we can almost grasp its breath, but not quite yet for there is still a lot of work to be done. People need not to fear, don't need to resort to actions out of frustration, of being unable to stop it, of becoming apathetic all out of fear because it's your light, our light. It's the same light that protected the Jewish people as well as the gentiles with them on their journey out of Egypt. It's the light that shows you the path of your soul, and not the ego. And within that light will we see our achievements to better the world, to make it a better place to live in as well as the tools to keep it alive and stable within the correct interpretation of what it means to have dominion over, namely by understanding and accepting wholeheartedly that all life is equal to one another for it is written within the Talmud that whoever saves one life will save the world entire. That's having dominion over, namely saving life and not killing, murdering it no matter how it's being done, even when it's just about one's soul belonging to a people with its own gifts and tasks like being the heart of the body. But it's also realizing that we are also a natural body that once will die when we will stay alive as a soul. We are therefore one and indivisible, but we can only stay living within our unified oneness within the lessons coming out from the Temple, from out of the Tent of Meeting.

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