To have or to have not

Do we still have the freedom to believe in our most sacred belief that life does exist, that we do live? Do we really have it, or are we just a reflection of an image of our imagination, a creative fantasy?

We see, and so we believe. We hear, and so we belief that there is sound. We witness, and so we assume it to be as is. But there is something we can´t see, we can´t touch, and still we accept it as a reality, a fact. It´s our soul and everything that surrounds its existence, namely the womb of its world, of the world it lives in. Heaven has become as such a concept wherefrom many thoughts, ideas and even fantasies have found their origin.

We don´t see it. We don´t hear it. We don´t witness it thus, but we feel it. We feel that it´s there tho we can´t yet explain really why humankind evolved as it did. It sits still in a sort of mystery box. Only fragments of its nature have become a source of study for us to understand what we are really dealing with while our brain has so much more room wherein it can absorb knowledge beyond our wildest dreams within the present time we do live in. And we don´t have to really search for it as we already have it. It only needs to be put into motion.

So is what we do belief in therefore a source of magic, of witchcraft, of sorcery, of dreams and manipulations of some kind to keep us asleep,... or to awaken us? Is it related to drugs, to what certain extracts of plants can do with our mind, our body and subsequently our way of life, or is it due to an illness, one we can’t see, we don’t know about? Is what we witness then really a premonition of what may come, a vision into the future, or is it just a play with our intellect of the day?  Can we uberhaupt regard ourselves as being intelligent? But what is regarded as intellectuality? And how do we describe stupidity? Do we explain it by way of our help, our Chava, or by our ego?

It are all certainly heavy questions, questions that millions of people for sure have asked themselves in the past, the present and will surely do so tomorrow because it’s their sacred right to do so. People have the right to find it out for themselves, to acquire the answer to their question about G-d´s existence, about the one faith in the one G-d tho that our world has many beliefs in Him. Our life is not about us nor about Him, but only about What is and thus I am. I am who I will be. It, the Torah, tells us thus that the future is not yet written at all though that it stands full of prophecies! And it´s not a contradiction at all.

But can we with regard to the sacred right let others destroy all life when nothing has helped and will help them to persuade them otherwise?

In fact, all questions above do return the same answer. They all have the core within them. They all point into the same direction somehow when you start delving deeper and deeper because there is only one source, one core wherein everything of everything lives its life, the greatest library so to speak of the entire Explorea for us to explore. It lays there open for us, not closed. For every gift, every ability and task to be fulfilled is there a knowledge base, a light to enlighten the entire house, a solution for at the end nothing is impossible when you realize that there is no end at all nor a beginning. It´s as if you in a manner of speaking would want to say that we are a sun within a sun and so on.

Every single form of life has the answer living deep within itself. It wants to be found, and it gives us many signs during our life in how to do so, in how to gradually evolve from a belief in being a body into one of being a soul. It is still in that process for it would have been devastating if life would have evolved in just one single instance like the Big Bang. Life, natural life that is, can’t take such a speed, and so we shouldn’t push it for this is not the way the concept of a celestial freedom works nor celestial peace for that matter. Life has the right to evolve slowly and steadily so that a firm and solid foundation can emerge whereupon it can build without sorrows, without pains, but with an inner tranquility so that the body would become a true image of its Creator.

And the question we should therefore ask ourselves first is: What if there would have been no belief at all in the one G-d whatsoever, no belief in the one faith? Would humankind have evolved that much better, more at peace with itself, or just the complete opposite? What if there wouldn’t have been the intellect to evolve, the wisdom to think in an enlightened way, to solve a problem by means of our Chava, our given help and to move on?

But again: would such a world have been much better than the one we do live in at present? Would a world without the knowledge of having a soul still be in existence, or have died out long ago? Would we be living a life without a purpose, one completely stripped from its raison d’être, and thus only living by the call of the wild with a small human touch of thought?

Then look around, and what do we see? What do we witness? With how many are we living on this tiny planet? Is this right or is it wrong? Is this what the sanctity of life means? Is this what it means to be the keepers of nature, the guardians of its well-being? Have we really succeeded, or just made a complete mess of it?

One thing we can tell for sure is thus that there would have been not that much difference between a way of life without our Chava and our present one because if we analyze our behavior to this very day, then we must admit that many of our actions have been and are a result of our ego. They do not originate from our help, our Chava. The conclusion therefore is that we just have only prolonged our existence somewhat because we only once in a while did fell for her charm, and threw the fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden away afterwards instead of keep on learning from it. Luckily that some did!

Life is not a game. It is what it will be, an image of I am who I will be forever. Dead on the other hand is not a game as well, but simply a reflection of I am who I won´t be ever. That´s basically the only two choices we are being given. That´s the cornerstone of our existence, of every form of life. The choice we make will result in a very firm and solid foundation whereupon we can build a strong house, or one on quicksand, of self-destruction, of self-extermination.

And such a choice seems to be not that very important for the eye that has become blind, become naïve, but there is a very tiny difference that has an enormous potential of turning the tide around in the benefit of everything that concerns life because we do belief, we do think, we do have the ability to see the solution through the eyes of our help, of our soul, and thus to rescue ourselves from the abyss of self-extermination, of self-destruction, unless our belief is dead,... is dead itself of course, is the ego of humankind.

But do we really want it? Are we prepared to accept the consequences of the solution? Are we ready to acknowledge the Truth? Do we want to give our brain the tools of starting to use those sections humankind has kept asleep till this day? Have we thus the courage to evolve beyond the boundaries of our present nature, and to accept what needs to be done by all of us together as one? Do we have we the courage to sacrifice ourselves instead of pointing the finger to one another resulting at best in a status quo and at worst in a total annihilation of one and all!?

Yes, before we can really delve into the depths of Torah we need to become honest with ourselves about those questions for there exist only equality within the world of G-d. There is no Judaism, no Christianity, no Islam, no Hinduism, no Buddhism, no Zen and so on. We all are souls of light living, studying and working together as one. And I’m well aware that such a thinking and view can be seen as a rebellious one, a revolutionary one at best, but it isn’t.

Just like we have our different tasks here in this world, so have we our tasks in the other world as well. It’s all exactly the same because the core essence is to make sure that everything stays turning around, stays in existence, stays running smoothly. And we are proud when we succeed in this just the same as G-d is proud about us when we have learnt a lesson or two to the benefit of the world above as well as the one below.

There is nothing wrong about this with regard to halacha when we look into the depth of our Torah for we are souls. We aren’t an image of G-d individually, but all life together wherein blood runs through its veins are as one that very image the Torah tells us about. To bring the world above to the below, to let both worlds become one we thus need to learn in seeing ourselves as just a particle of the collective, of the body. But we also need to acknowledge that there is no other king than G-d.

And this can be a stumbling stone for we all, whether we are Jewish or not, are longing for the coming of Moshiach. It makes the coming very problematic because Moshiach is no king at all. It´s not about the restoration of the kingdom of Dovid that´s at stake here. It´s the restoration of His Kingdom for the Torah does teach us that G-d has accepted the wish of the Jewish people, and gave them the permission to establish a kingdom like the other nations around them at the set time. But what was, is and will always be His wish in this? Do we have to keep securing our ego´s wish or should we let our Chava empower our enlightenment?

Furthermore is there the fact that one G-dly day equals a 1000 human years which means that we are yet only at the eve of the Seventh Day. It tells us thus that Moshiach ben Dovid is not on the order of the day in our present time that is. However, we may state that we already do live in the time of Moshiach ben Yoseph. And how we do relate to them is thus far more important for is the Eight Day, the Day of Yom Kippur not thé most important one of all days?

How do we see, we think, we teach about them? And is it right to do so the way we do so? Can either Moshiach be truly a king, or just simply one of us all, equal to us, a person we walk by in the street, on the bus, or sit next to in a theatre?

So as we all together as one serve G-d by being a Chava, so does G-d serve us as well for a teacher and a student do serve one another in equality, and we all together as one are an image of Him, have been created in His image!

Still, what is the most important lesson out of all this?

That go and multiply yourself not refers to our natural existence. It means that we have to go and become one, become one body. It tells us to make everyone aware of Chava and become the image together as one for if our presence in a natural multitude destroys, then we´ve did something wrong. All of us that is!

Then we for millenniums have let our ego do most of the talking. Then we have let our womb be used for purposes of war without thinking about the consequences of our blind actions, even naïve thinking. But as the Torah states: It is His word and not ours. It doesn´t matter to which people we do belong to because we are all equal and as one in His world. You don´t have Jewish people and you don´t have goyims. You just have Chava, and also humankind´s next evolutionary status.  

Let all think about that before anything else when decisions have to be made, even politically, and of course religiously for ultimately it´s all about to have or to have not.

One G-dly day equals a thousand human years while one single human day equals a celestial eternity, a celestial equality between teacher and student, between the below and the above.

To have or to have not thus!

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